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18 landing pages you could get inspired from that’ll help you sell your SaaS & digital products.

Written by
Saad Arafat
Published on
December 12, 2022

I am not going to tell you why you need a landing page for your SaaS, because you already know why by now. And if you’re in the process of launching your product to test it out in the market, then it’s even more necessary for you to have a landing page that can help communicate to your potential prospects what your tool can help solve.

This article will act as a source of inspiration for your landing page whether you’re a bootstrapper who needs to do everything by yourself or a designer who just landed a SaaS landing page project and want to learn how to create an effective landing page.

Principles of an effective digital product landing page.

Having a set of principles that can guide you throughout the design will help you save hours on figuring out what to do. Especially if this is your first time. So here are what we usually include in our landing pages.

1- Use the power of product shots

Your visitors are usually skimming the page, not reading it. So including animated or still product shots ones that are high quality and eye-catching, will improve the overall page’s ability to maintain user engagement.

Benefit section of Paste
Image courtesy of Paste

2- More focus on the problem you’re trying to solve.

Not everyone is interested in the features or knows what they are. But everyone knows what their problems are or what they want to achieve. So focusing your copy around them and their needs & wants are going to create a relatable product over what you’ve built and the features you’ve added.

Solution section of Big Sale landing page
Courtesy of Big Sale by Wannathis

3- KISS, Keep it super simple.

So unless you’re selling software for companies in a highly regulated sector, it’s better to keep your landing pages short and straight to the point. Lose all the fluff, the about us sections, or the unnecessary listing of every single feature that your platform or product has. Give the visitor just enough information that will get them to hit the CTA button. No more, no less.

What to include in a SaaS landing page?

No doubt that amazing design will lead visitors to trust what you have to offer them, but you also should consider the user experience and how you can design it to help the visitor take action at the end of their browsing session. As a start having the following sections will make sure that you do not go overboard with the amount of information you’re including on the landing page:

1- Main solution/outcome/result of the product.

  • Your first section should focus on what will make your prospect want to read more. Do not make it about your product, make it about their situation.

2- How their life is going to be better after using it.

  • These are your problem/solution sections. Throughout the next couple of sections, you can mention one major problem or result they want and how your product can help them achieve it.

3- Proof of concept section.

  • In these section(s) you need to start mentioning how it is used, the main features, and its benefits. Here you could talk more about yourself and the product.

4- Call to action value section.

  • After delivering this information you can know to ask them to contact you or try the product themselves. However, do not just say “Check it out yourself” or “Contact our experts today”, show them why they need to book that demo by saying “Start saving x% today” or “Let’s discover how you can get more clients today”. This way they know they’re getting value out of their time.

5- Social proof

  • Even though some put social proof higher on the list, we believe that if you’re a startup people are interested in more what you have to offer them first, then look up what others have to say.

Those are all the sections you will need to build any landing page. If you’re planning to add any more sections outside of this scope then you need to make sure that is necessary and interesting for the prospect. So now let us move to showcase some landing pages to inspire you.

1- Brutask

Hero section Brutask website

2- Bubbles

Hero section of Bubbles

3- Docspo

Hero section of Docspo

4- ilo

Hero section of ilo | UNIMA SaaS web design


Hero section of HELO | UNIMA SaaS webdesign

6- Play

Play website hero section

7- Rollie

Rollie landing page hero section

8- Decipad

Decipad's landing page hero section

9- Linear

Linear's landing page hero section

10- Eraser

The hero section of Eraser's landing page

11- Relayed

The hero section of Relayed's landing page

12- Renote

The hero section of Renote's landing page

13- Twist

The hero section of Twist's landing page

14- Clover

The hero section of Clover's landing page

15- Freehand

The hero section of Freehand's landing page

16- Doo

The hero section of Doo's landing page

17- Empower

The hero section of Empower's landing page

18- PlanetScale

The hero section of PlanetScale's landing page

One page to get the job done

To conclude, all you need to start selling your digital product is an effective landing page that clearly explains the value you’re offering. Those landing pages will help get inspired in terms of design, copy, and call to action. And if you find it hard to design a landing page that clearly communicates and sells your solution, you can just book a free consultation session with us.

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