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21 Awesome SaaS Hero Sections to Get Inspired From

Written by
Saad Arafat
Published on
May 27, 2022

The Hero Section of your website is the most important section of your entire website. It’s the gateway to the rest of your website. This means making it captivating and engaging is a must to make your visitors interested enough in scrolling more through your website.

So in this article, you’ll get two things: first, what makes a good hero section and what we at UNIMA do to create a good hero section, and second the 21 hero sections that you can scroll through and get inspired from.

What makes a good hero section

At UNIMA, we focus on making sure that the hero section has at least 5 of 6 main elements that makes a good hero section from a user experience point of view.

  1. A damn good unique selling proposition (USP)
  2. A short description that explains that USP for the extra oomph
  3. A clear call to action (CTA)
  4. Supporting illustration or image that guides the visitors' attention back to the copy or CTA
  5. Testimonials or social proof
  6. Secondary CTA in the menu

Following these elements will make sure that you place all the necessary information that your target market needs to stay on the page for longer like we covered in a previous article.

UNIMA Hero section elements

So with this in mind, let’s show you 21 damn good examples of websites that does that with a damn good design.

1.  Loom

2. Jasper

3. Slack


5. Bonsai

6. Rydoo

7. BetterCloud

8. Birdeye

9. Notion

10. Typeform

11. Zapier

12. Tableau

13. Phantom Buster

14. Asana

15. Discord

16. Figma

17. Lattice

18. MemberStack

19. FullCircl

20. Play

21. Kisi

The Takeaway

Your hero section should have the main elements mentioned at the beginning of this blog, and the design should clearly showcase your brand in the best way possible and it should resonate clearly with your audience.

We hope that these examples give you an idea of how to design your own hero section or what to expect the agency you hired to get for you.

If you are currently struggling to get results out of your SaaS website and looking for a team that takes care of that for you, or you want to learn how we help our clients get the results they are looking for with strategy backed websites let’s strike a conversation over a call to learn how we can help your SaaS website get your more clients.

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