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4 Essential Questions To Ask When Hiring A Web Design Agency

Written by
Saad Arafat
Published on
July 11, 2022


Before starting any new project, asking the right questions is most of the time half of the solution for the problem you’re trying to solve, in this case hiring a web design agency. Asking the right questions will make it easier for you to filter out agencies with unfit talent and personalities for your SaaS web redesign project. It will help you partner up with an agency that will handle your redesign as if it’s their own website and put your mind at ease.

Choosing the right agency will make it easier for you to identify areas of opportunities within your business that are even not related to your website since they’ll be ready to go the extra mile to solve current problems and not design a website for you.

So here are five questions to ask when trying to hire a web design agency.

1- What are the key benefits of working with you?

When you’re on a call with the web design agency founder, account manager, or project manager, ask about their process and what they deliver at the end of each phase.

Understanding the process will give you a sure answer on whether they’re building the website for you from scratch or they’re using a template that you just end up filling with content. Though this will depend on your budget, any reputable design agency will be upfront with you on whether they’re using a template that’s catered to your needs or not.

However, if the agency says they build it from scratch then they should have a process that they clearly map out for you step-by-step in words anyone can understand.

At UNIMA, before onboarding any client, we clearly map out the entire engagement with all the deliverables they’ll get at the end of each phase. If you’re interested in learning more about our process you can hop on a call with us.

2- How do you share ideas and recommendations

Any web design agency that’s focused on providing solutions will be open about providing recommendations and will listen closely to what you have to share. When asking this question, notice if they are willing to give you recommendations and share ideas with you that help further optimize your site and your overall brand, or are they just looking to show off how they can do this and that without taking into account your specific situation.

A web redesign should be about your specific problem, and it should solve it. So if they’re not willing to share ideas with you or provide you with recommendations then consider looking for an agency that will act as your partner and stakeholder and not just merely a service provider.

So consider partnering up with an agency that talks about you and only you as if they have no other clients. This way you will know that whatever they’re recommending for you is catered to solve your specific problem and not just a size fit all recommendation.

At UNIMA, and specifically during our first stage, which is called the strategy phase, we focus on not just providing how we’ll approach the web design itself, but also other areas in your marketing efforts that could be improved and how you can approach them in order to see the maximum result out of your website.

3- Who will be my main contact for this project?

Communication is key for any type of project. It’s one of the main, if not the main component that highly contributes to a project’s success. Make sure that you get to know them before signing up with the agency and learning how they work, plus make sure that you’re always going to be in the loop throughout the project’s duration.

4- What is the relationship like after the website is launched?

No matter how optimized your new website is, if it has no traffic, then the website won’t be effective. So engaging with an agency that takes into account the post-delivery relationship is key. Look for any agency that’ll also help you drive traffic to your website and execute different marketing strategies.

At UNIMA, our main post-delivery service is SEO. As we believe it brings the highest quality at the lowest price. Want to learn more about our SEO services? Book a call with us.

If you are currently struggling to get results out of your SaaS website and looking for a team that takes care of that for you, or you want to learn how we help our clients get the results they are looking for with strategy backed websites let’s strike a conversation over a call to learn how we can help your SaaS website get your more clients.

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