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5 Examples of Strategically Designed SaaS Websites in 2022

Written by
Saad Arafat
Published on
May 25, 2022

SaaS companies are growing left and right and expanding in any industry you can think of. As more and more entrepreneurs are thinking of either growing or starting their SaaS business, the demand for it is also increasing year after year. According to SaaStr, 55% of business owners planned to increase their SaaS spending by at least 55% in 2022 compared to 2021.

With this growth in SaaS needs comes the demand for better and better websites that captures the attention of founders, business developers, and anyone in the professional space who uses SaaS as a major part of their business growth toolkits. Hence, a well-designed website backed by a solid and well-executed user experience strategy is critical when trying to sell your software.

A great design isn’t the one with beautiful colors, or a shit ton of illustrations, but it’s the one with a great user experience and meaning behind each element on it. From illustrations, typography, and button placement, all of it should serve the goal of Getting More Leads and Converting Them Into Long-term Customers.

The websites listed below are outstanding in terms of user experience. Despite the fact that we don’t have exact metrics on how well they’re converting visitors into leads, they do have outstanding elements that are definitely considered the Best Principle when it comes to designing websites that convert.

1. Help Scout

From illustrations that clearly convey what they do, to providing loads of critical information without the page looking busy, Help Scout clearly convey its message to its visitors without wasting their time. Their look and feel (visuals) give off a friendly vibe that is clearly linked to their name and brand values. Additionally, adding videos, product shots, and customer reviews throughout their pages, especially near their call to action (CTAs), further strengthen their position in the visitors' eyes. Additionally, when you click on the get a demo page, they added more product shots and customer testimonials that further provide proof of concept and reassurance to anyone who’s ready to get a demo of their software.

2. BetterCloud

BetterCloud focused on two things that exponentially enhanced its overall user experience: Well-written direct copy, and loads of product shots. Both of these elements connect well with ready-to-buy visitors who are already in the research phase of their buying journey. Since they help IT teams improve their work experience, their secondary CTA “Free Assessment” is another best principle to help convert leads who are still researching solutions for their problem. Additionally, their mega-menu is playing a major role in enhancing the overall user experience by making it easy to find information that will help the visitor take action.

3. ClickUp

Similar to BetterCloud, ClickUp has focused on product shots and well-written copy to clearly convey the message to the visitor. Additionally, they focused on creating illustrations that send out a message on one of their benefits so the reader could get an idea of how good their solution is even before reading any of their copy. Another element they’re using is tabs. For SaaS solutions that are feature-heavy such as ClickUp, tabs were their best friend. As they can convey so many pieces of information without bombarding the reader with loads of content at once. Additionally, they used the power of GIF and Lottie files to give the reader a quick demo of the app's capability before even using it. Finally, their CTAs that are found at the end of each page are supported with their 3 best strengths that any prospect of ClickUp would be on the lookout for, so it acts as a final reassurance before signing up.

4. TradingView

This is a great example of a SaaS website that clearly communicates to the customer. The first thing you’ll notice is they provide you with what an everyday user of such products looks for. Additionally, using captivating interactive animation is another element of capturing the visitor’s attention. When you scroll, the image clearly sends the message of “Look first, Then Leap.”. It sends the message that you, as an investor or trader, should use our product to do your research first before investing. Additionally, their color choice, animated product shots, and news feed clearly relate to the investor. This in return, pushes them into using their product.

5. Webflow

Aside from us being advocates for Webflow, their minimalistic approach to conveying their true strength is outstanding. From clearly showing what problem they solve using this copy “Your website should be a marketing asset, not an engineering challenge.” to product shots on how diverse and functional their tool is in helping businesses grow. Webflow nailed down their website’s user experience. This shows that niching down to solving one problem could be key in what makes a successful website, which in their case is developing a beautiful website without wasting time on writing code.

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