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8 Different FREE Website Analytics Tools You Can Use to Improve Your SaaS Website

Written by
Saad Arafat
Published on
July 15, 2022


As a SaaS or tech business owner, your most valuable marketing asset is your website. Hence, knowing how well it’s doing for your business with total accuracy is necessary. So one way to ensure that you’re on top of your game when it comes to your site’s analytics you’ll need to have the right tools set in place.

There are plenty of tools in all ranges and sizes in terms of ease of use, complexity, and price point. But if you’ve never used one before, I’d recommend that you start with the ones that offer a freemium so familiarize yourself with them and then jump into a premium solution at a later stage.

So here are 25 tools that you can use today that are free to start with and easy to use.

1- Google Analytics

One of the services offered by Google is one of the most if not the most used analytic tools that’ll help you understand your website. It’ll allow you to track your traffic and present customizable reports in an instant.

Benefits of Google Analytics:

  1. You can easily understand how visitors are interacting with your website
  2. Ease of access either from your phone or desktop
  3. You can generate customizable reports that suit your goals
  4. It works seamlessly with other Google products so you can have a unified workspace

2- hotjar

Is a tracking software that helps you understand how users behave on your site, what they need, and how they feel, fast. They offer a robust tracking tool that enables you to check how your users are behaving on your site. With 35 daily sessions, it’s more than enough to get you started on the road of understanding your visitors and their behavior on your site.

Benefits of hotjar

  • You'll get clear visual data on what's going on with your site
  • You'll get a clear context on why some users behave the way they do
  • Easy to use

3- Crazy Egg

The Crazy Egg is ”an online tool that monitors individual pages from your website, giving you a breakdown of where different visitors have clicked and on which part of the screen.” This tool helps you understand your visitors' and customers' interests and boost your profile right from your site. It’s another tool that in a way similar to hotjar.

Benefits of Crazy Egg:

  1. You can clearly understand how you’re visitors are interacting with your site
  2. You can conduct easily A/B tests and measure their success
  3. You can understand what your customers are interested

4- Heap

Without even any prior knowledge of code, Heap allows you to get digital insights on your website visitors, helping you understand their behavior, optimize the user experience, and more.

Benefits of Heap:

  1. Conversion rate-focused software
  2. You can easily map out your buyer journey with it
  3. Detailed reporting tools that’ll help you understand your metrics
  4. Focused on helping you improve your sites user experience

5- Matomo

Matomo is an open-source tool that helps you understand how your visitors are accessing the site and provides simple reports based on that.

Benefits of Matomo:

  1. Simple reporting tool, so it’s beginner-friendly
  2. You have control over your website’s data
  3. Customizable platform to make it suit your need
  4. You can easily add plugins and connect them with other tools

6- StatCounter

This is another traffic analysis and reporting tool that helps you understand your visitors and provide you with actionable insights.

Benefits of StatCounter:

  1. If you’re running paid campaigns, then it’ll help you track it with ease
  2. You’ll get a deeper look at return visitors, and the most visited pages on your site
  3. It helps track your links outside of your website
  4. You will get the full picture of your traffic trend

7- GoSquared

A real-time marketing automation tool that helps you focus on boosting your site's conversion rate. This means that, in addition to insights, GoSquared is providing a growth-oriented solution for your business.

Benefits of GoSquared:

  1. You’ll get a clear understanding of how people are using your website
  2. Helps you get insight into your traffic sources and the languages used to view your site
  3. You can set custom notifications that are sent to your email or slack

8- Hubspot

It’s your one-stop-shop solution for marketing and sales. It can help you track and convert leads all from one place.

Benefits of Hubspot:

  1. They offer a wide range of tools that’ll help you optimize your site
  2. It integrates well with other tools, such as Google calendar and CRM tools
  3. It tracks the data you need, collects it, and generates reports that are easy to understand

So here are a few tools that you can explore if you are looking to take your website optimization game to the next level. All these tools are just recommendations from us, and we are not affiliates or partners of any of them.

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