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How to get the word out about my SaaS Startup? Here are 20 sites to list your SaaS startup.

Written by
Saad Arafat
Published on
November 26, 2022

The first step in any customer journey is awareness. They should be aware that you exist and have a solution that helps them. Getting the word out and making people aware of your brand is no easy task.

Whether you are a startup or an established brand, you should always ensure that your market is aware that you are there and ready to provide your solution to them. If it is not important, big brands like GoDaddy, Wix, or others will not keep spending millions on ads every month.

So, what if you do not have millions to spend on ads? The organic route will be your best and most affordable weapon. On top of publishing content out there, whether video or static, you can also list your product on different directories that attract 1000s if not millions of visitors every month.

Why do I need to spend time listing my SaaS on different SaaS directories?

Those sites attract your target market, which increases the likelihood that the people who will look you up are the ones who will buy from you.

On top of that, it will help scale your SEO efforts since most of them will redirect back to your website. And since most of them have high authority, it will, in return, improve your site’s ranking at no additional cost.

Also, it will obviously help with your brand recognition. The visitors of these sites will browse those directories for different products and will see your logo and software there.

This will help with your lead gen efforts. As you are listing your product where your target market hangs out. So whoever clicks on your website from those directories is interested in what you have to offer.

So enough about why you need to do it, and now more of where you can get started.

SaaS directories to list your solution today!

1. SaaS community

A platform that is not only for you to list your SaaS, but also connect with other SaaS founders who share your same goals and ideologies. The SaaS community will help put your name out there in a community of other SaaS believers. You can get listed at no cost!

2. Capterra

It’s one of the oldest directories in this space. Listing your SaaS in there means that you can get the right recognition, plus you can use it as a review platform to help validate your testimonials. And since most buyers look up Capterra to read more about what others think of a solution they’re interested in, it will be beneficial for you to have them all read up on the good things about your solution that others said about it.

You can get started at no cost.

3. GetApp

GetApp is another directory that offers one of the best top-notch user experiences out there. With the ability to compare SaaS products, visitors fully research the best solution for them. Meaning it will help you convey the value of your advantages without much effort from your side other than listing them.

They offer a basic free plan to help get started.

4. AlternativeTo

This is a directory that really benefits startups. It provides alternatives to major brand solutions out there. Giving them the competitive advantage and market recognition they deserve. So if you have a solution that is a better or more affordable alternative to another one in the market, this is the space to be in.

It’s free to get listed on it.

5. Futurepedia

This is made for AI tools. As the AI space is getting more and more competitive, having platforms like Futurepedia where you can get brand awareness from people who are interested in AI and not just SaaS solutions in general, is a great way to make sure that the traffic you are getting is a bit more targeted than your competitors.

6. SaaSHub

Another space for growing products and startups. They have their own algorithm for grouping SaaS products together that make a great alternative to major brands out there. Giving scaling startups easy access to new target markets and leads.

7. Owwly

It’s a space for Indie Hackers, designers, and developers who want to build great products. Owwly is a space for SaaS businesses to be discovered by other growth-seeking founders, making it one of the best places to list your product.

8. Startup costs

A place made for start-ups, it’s where other people getting into the SaaS or tech space hang out. This means that your solution that can help make their life easier will be a good thing to be discovered by them in this space.

9. EZLauncher

Space that is made for Startups. It’ll help you get discovered among a growing community in the space who could use your solution.

10. Wellfound formerly AngelList

Whether it’s talent, investors or clients. Wellfound is a space that helps connect SaaS businesses at their different stages to the right persona.

11. Crunchbase

Another space where you can submit your product and get recognized by other SaaS and start-up founders. Plus you can get access to other founders' contacts within your ICP (ideal customer persona), which you can cold email.

12. AppSumo

The Startup's best friend for SaaS products. Many use AppSumo to get their first paying customers. The goal is to offer lifetime deals to get your proof of concept and first loyal clients. Many business owners look actively for different solutions and deals right in here.

13. Software world

With review capabilities, it is also a space for prospects to research different solutions and leave reviews. Making it a great space for your product to get known and discovered.

14. Land-Book

A space specifically made for brand-conscious businesses with awesome websites. It’s a great space for your kick-ass website and product to be discovered and may be used as an example in other sites. Increasing your backlinks, and thus, your SEO rankings.

15. Stackshare

A space made for developers searching for tools to make their life easier and better. It’s another space for your product to be featured and get the word out there about it.

16. TechnologyAdvice

A platform that helps people with their decision-making process when looking for a product. It’s another great space to feature your solution in. With the ability to add case studies, collect reviews, and more.

17. Product Hunt

A platform visited by 1000s every day searching for new tools and solutions. It will help you get the word of your product out, and if it’s a hit, then you can get one heck of a social proof that will hack your product's growth. Definitely a platform worth listing your product on.

18. TrustRadius

With the ability to also get proof of concept and constructive feedback on your newly developed product, TrustRadius makes for a solid platform for startups to get social proof and brand recognition.

19. StartupInspire

Another platform for Startups to not just list their product, but also get inspired from other growing businesses. So it’s a niched-down space for like-minded people that will help your product get recognized by your ideal target market.

20. G2

A well-known platform, even if you already knew about it and your brand is already on it, it is still worth adding for those who still do not know about G2. It’s a great platform to get recognition and collect reviews that will help your business grow. Plus, you can use the positive ratings you get as social proof on your own website, strengthening the validity of your product.

What are you waiting for, get listed on them NOW!

You now know the importance of SaaS directories, and obviously, there are plenty more to be added to this list. But getting listed on 20 is better than only 2. It’s a low-effort activity that will help you will collect its dividends for years to come. So it’s better to start now.

Getting the traffic from these directories will definitely help grow your product as you’ll have a stream of organic leads coming in every month to your website, so you better make sure that your site is optimized for conversion. And if you’re not sure that it is, then you can either hop on a call with us or request a personalized video auditing your site for gaps and missed opportunities.

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