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The Making Of A Marketing Website, Phase 2: UI/UX Design

Written by
Saad Arafat
Published on
October 16, 2022

The First Signs Of Life Of Your New Website

After completing Phase 1: Strategy & Discovery, we now have a solid understanding of the product, market, competition, and needs of the new website. We have everything that we need to carry out a smooth design phase.

In this article, I describe the design phase in detail and how we carry it out at Unima. Keep in mind that the details laid in here are the successor to Phase 1. So if you didn't read it yet, I recommend you read that article first and then return to this one.

So, let’s dive into what the design phase looks like if you were a client of Unima.

Our Design Approach: It’s All About UX Simplicity

Our philosophy is that simple designs just work. They get the job done without any wasted effort (Of course, while maintaining an engaging aesthetic). However, simple does not mean easy, as our designs go through sessions of creative freedom where we test out different design methods (While keeping the strategy guide in mind) that will best communicate the value while maintaining high levels of engagement.

This philosophy helps us focus equally on the user interface and the experience side of it so they work in harmony together. So at the end of the project, the outcome is a product that is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, or in other words - Engaging.

Phase 1 Help Us Carry Out A Smooth Design Phase

Since we have carried out a successful strategy and discovery phase, we can carry out a smooth design phase.

The wireframe and style guide we created in Phase 1 influence how the Hi-Fidelity will look. At this point, we already know what we’re building and just focus on how to build it. Throughout the design phase, we refer back to the strategy phase to make sure we’re not deviating from the goals we’ve set and that we’re on the right track. And once it’s fully designed and prototyped a Figma file is shared with you to experience it yourself.

Additionally, throughout the design phase, we ensure that everything could be easily developed within the agreed-upon timeframe and budget.

Our Design Approach: It’s All About UX Simplicity | Unima Blog

The Process: A Pure Done-For-You So You Can Relax

In the design phase, all we ask from you is timely feedback. One after the Mid-Fidelity, one after the Hi-Fidelity, and one after the animation design. We do it this way so you can focus on running your business and having one less thing to worry about. And so you can know what goes on behind the curtains, here are the stages we take to carry out a smooth design phase:

  1. Mid-Fidelity design
  2. Copywriting / UX writing
  3. Revisiting two previous steps and improving as needed
  4. Hi-Fidelity design
  5. Illustration design
  6. Revisiting two previous steps and improving as needed
  7. Animation design

Of course, the three main steps are shared with you to get your feedback and keep you in the loop. This phase is carried out in Figma as it’s the best solution out there that can help us collaborate with each other on multiple levels. It ensures complete transparency and smooth execution in the development phase.

The Branded Style Guide Removes Headaches

We noticed that once the product is shaped, new ideas also take life and want to intrude themselves into the design. This creates conflict and makes it harder and harder to finish it within the timeframe.

The solution is the branded style guide that we created in Phase 1. This helps remove all the stress related to how everything should look and feel, thus, focusing on how to design the UI and provide a simple & straightforward UX instead of spending a full day on how a button should look.

Also, this frees up space and time to discuss the more important matters and tackle worries or concerns any of the stakeholders could have during the design process.

Feel free to share whatever is on your mind

During the design phase, you might have some ideas that you'd like to share with us on how to approach the website. For this, we say, please share them without feeling that you might slow down the project or deviate from it. We're open to any idea that you or your team come up with, as it'll help us get inspired on how to design YOUR website the best way we can that suits your market. Whatever you want to share, whether it's a tweak or maybe some praise you'd like to share. No matter what it is, feel free to share it, as it is an environment of open communication and transparency.

An even smoother development phase

After the successful completion of the design and all the stakeholders are happy with the final design looks and feels, we send the design file to the development team to translate it into code. During this phase, you can truly focus on running your business, and we handle every aspect of it.

You can learn more about it here, Phase 3: Development.

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