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The Making Of A Marketing Website, Phase 3: Development

Written by
Saad Arafat
Published on
October 17, 2022

Now that we’ve completed the website strategy and fully designed it, it’s time to develop it and translate that design work into code. Only one phase left, and that’s Phase 4: Launch. In this article, I’ll cover what you can expect as a client when working with Unima during the development phase.

It’s Not The End Of Creativity

Since we’ve designed and planned for everything during the last two phases, it doesn’t mean that there is no room for improvement in the development phase; on the contrary, during development, the dev team could further experiment with different animations and effects that can enhance the overall look and feel of the website and increase the level of interest of the visitor.

Additionally, we could keep improving the copy and nail it in this area. Since editing the copy won’t hurt the design, it won’t extend the project’s duration.

When creating any digital products, your vision might evolve down the road. Meaning, we’re open to brainstorming ideas with you and extending the SOW if needed.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that we’re your Yes People. At the end of the day, we do not want to go over budget, so we’ll work together and discuss the value of the new idea or change, assess the level of impact that it’ll have, and then offer you a solution that will make you satisfied without harming the final product.

What does Unima’s Development Flow look like? | Unima Blog | SaaS & Tech Web Design Agency

What does Unima’s Development Flow look like?

The development looks similar to whether we’re dealing with one-pagers or complex websites with robust CMSs. The main difference is the duration it takes and the level of involvement from your side.

Each development phase kicks off the same with:

  1. Briefing the developer with the design work (In most cases, they are aware of the design work before even jumping to development)
  2. Assessing the level of complexity and setting a duration for the phase
  3. Briefing you with the duration and major milestones (Only needed in full websites, not one-pagers)
  4. Developing the website on the agreed upon platform and tech stack (We usually go with Webflow, learn why here)
  5. Quality control and assurance as we go
  6. Once it’s fully developed, we set a demo meeting so you can experience it live

So out of all of this, what really is your level of involvement?

How involved are you in the development phase?

The answer is up to you! Really, if you’d like a weekly update on how everything is going, then we are ready to provide that, or if you want to focus on running your business and only get the “Your website is ready!” notification, then that’s fine with us.

Usually, if we need anything from your side to develop the website, it will be during the first week or the last week of the website, and we’ll inform you way ahead of it so you can plan it in your schedule.

We can say this, as we truly do not move from design to development until we have everything in place and ensure that it takes the shortest time to develop and launch your website.

Development is not the end!

Even though your website is ready to be launched, this doesn’t mean the end of our partnership. We’ll still help you get things started the right way so you can have a successful launch. Learn about it here, Phase 4: Launch.

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