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The Making Of A Marketing Website, Phase 4: Launch

Written by
Saad Arafat
Published on
October 17, 2022

So your website is ready, and by ready, it means ready to be launched. All that is left is connecting the domain name and a few other things which will help you land a successful launch.

Additionally, growing your website and making sure you are making the most out of it is necessary to maximize your ROI and exceed the targets you have set yourself. And phase 4 helps you get started the right way. So let's jump into what Phase 4 is all about and what it will look like for you.

A True Beginning of Your New Website

Here we connect your domain and set up the right SSL certificates…. Ta-Da, you can now type in your URL and visit your website from your browser. You can share it with your team, friends, clients, and partners. However, it should not stop here. You can announce it the right way, and we help do that.

Announce Your Website The Right Way

Launching a website means you designed a new experience point for your brand that you’d want your audience to check out and try themselves. This is where we come in handy as we help you do the following:

  • Create multiple social media posts that help you announce your new website
  • Draft an email campaign that announces your new website (Maybe we can include a special offer here that we craft together)

This way, you can kick off your new website with a proper announcement that brings traffic to it.

Announce Your Website The Right Way | Phase 4 Launch | UNIMA Blogs - SaaS & Tech Design Agency

We’ll Teach You Everything You Need

Of course, we won’t just hand you the login credentials and tell you “Here you go, Bye!” that’s just rude. At launch, we’ll set up a meeting to walk you through how everything works and show you everything you need to know to manage your website. We also offer free unlimited email support for any question you have, and we can record loom videos if needed.

Ongoing Growth And Design By People That Knows Your Brand And Product

Our scale plan is offered exclusively to our clients to help them continue and/or accelerate their site's growth. It’s not just maintenance or bug fixes, but more than that. We help you drive traffic organically or push out new content. It can even extend to keeping up with the latest UX trends based on the user feedback we receive over time.

Choosing Unima to be your trusted website growth partner means that your site is under the hands of people who already know your product, your work method, your needs, and most importantly, your Goals. This means we are here to make decisions with you and not just do whatever you tell us.

So other than connecting the domain, SSL certificates, and launching marketing collaterals, what can you expect to get as a client when you continue to partner with us?

In Conclusion, What Will I Get From Unima After We Launch The Website?

Depending on the industry, you have 10s or 1000s of competitors in the market competing for your audiences’ attention. No matter which group you belong to, one thing that stays true is that you always have to be improving.

The key to continued success is to ensure you are always up to date with how your audience makes decisions and always learn from successes and failures. This could be done only by looking at the data and testing out different methods.

So here is how we can ensure that you have a website that withstands the test of time.

  • Weekly data analysis and reporting
  • Continuous UI improvements based on the latest market trends
  • Continuous UX improvements based on visitors' behavior
  • Keeping the site up to date with high-value content that keeps the visitors coming back

These are just part of what we can do to guarantee that you have a site that brings you the highest ROI MoM. Of course, what we offer is tailored to each individual need and budget.

At the end of the day, this entire process makes doing our work and delivering only high-quality products that much easier. We make sure to keep this process and its steps in mind to ensure full transparency and that you’re always getting a final product that you can be proud to represent your brand, and that your audience is happy to purchase your product. So if you want to learn more about how we can help you build your new website, we’ll be happy to hop on a call with you to learn more about it.

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