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The Value Of Marketing Automation And The Main Areas You Can Automate Today

Written by
Saad Arafat
Published on
October 28, 2022

Marketing your SaaS solution is not easy, and sure it comes at a cost. Not just $ but also your or your team's time. And in such a competitive industry, streamlining any task is a plus.

Automation will help you deal seamlessly with repetitive tasks, especially those low value that you need to do. Who wants to spend their time on those tasks? No one!!

So spending a few hours and some money to automate those repetitive marketing tasks will have huge returns as it will free up your time to explore other opportunity venues that will help speed up your brand's growth.

So, What Are The Outcomes Of Automating Your Marketing Tasks:

TL, DR version is the following:

  • Acquiring better data for accurate predictions and decisions
  • Provides personalized customer experience at scale
  • Better lead generation
  • Faster delivery of promises
  • Saves you a shit ton of time handling other high-value tasks
  • Saves you loads of money that you can now spend on higher-return projects

How Do I Know The Value That Automation Will Bring To Me?

If you are not aware of it by now, I recommend you visit your marketing strategies and check where you or your team spend most of the time. Jot down notes on the tasks they are carrying out and how long it takes them to complete them.

This way, you’ll know if you need an automation solution or not in the first place. Because if you’re not don't have a clear marketing plan, you first need to set one in place, then think of how you will automate it; otherwise, there is no reason in the world that will make you believe that you need automation.

So take down your notes using this cheat sheet:

  • What is needed to be done to carry out a {{Enter type of marketing}} campaign?
  • What percentage of these tasks are yielding me the highest returns?
  • What tasks do I need to do that aren’t directly related to adding value (Could be logging in data)?
  • How much is it costing me to carry out those tasks?
  • What tasks are bringing me the highest value?
  • Can I squeeze additional value out of it?
  • What do I need to do to extract additional value (A/B testing, personalization, etc.)?

Answering those questions and adding a few more related to your situation will help you understand the value of what automation can bring to your business, and it can easily quantify it. Plus, it will help you decide on the areas you need to automate to get the highest ROI possible.

How Do I Know The Value That Automation Will Bring To Me? | UNIMA Blog | Web design agency for SaaS & Tech

What Are Some Examples Of Areas I Can Automate?

Automation in marketing is so broad today that you can possibly automate anything you can think of. And with the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence), those tools are only getting stronger and better, yielding outstanding results to the companies using them right. So let us cover some areas you can automate today.

Personalization At Scale

Customers today expect a higher experience standard from the brands they interact with. They want to feel that whatever you are offering is tailor-made for them. A few years back, this was an impossible task to carry out if you have, for instance, an email list of 500,000 people. But today, you have no excuse whatsoever to not add at least their first name in the email.

Additionally, you will be wasting money on ads if you do not set the right targeting automation. Plenty of automation tools help do that in a matter of clicks, increasing your ROI like never before.

So, if you want to attract your audiences’ attention at scale, your AI personalization tool is your best bet. It will save you time, bring you money, and provide your customers with a tailor-made experience.

Lead Generation And Nurturing

Your website is attracting different categories of leads to it, from those who are ready to buy right now, to the ones who are just there to browse and might think of your solution in a few months. No matter who they are, each has different needs and expectations, so automating the capture and nurturing process will work wonders for you in converting those leads on the go.

Automation will help you set the funnel, track it, and test it all within one space, so you are always equipped with the data that will help you only focus on refining the funnel instead of spending your or your team’s time setting it up and logging the data all day long.

Additionally, you can set up urgent notifications for leads you are most interested in and that you want a person to interact with them, enhancing the probability for you to capture higher quality leads while putting in fewer hours.

Customer Service And Support

Have you seen those chat buttons at the bottom right of the screen? Do you know that when you usually send a message through'em an AI is replying to you? Isn’t that just amazing? You can set up that entire sequence and let the tool handle the back-and-forth with clients, solving their problems while you sleep.

Also, it will help you save loads of money on customer service as you won’t need to hire as many reps since you have a solution that can handle 80% of their job 24/7, 365. And soon, those AI chatbots will be able to manage 100% of their tasks. So if customer support is draining your resources, it will be a good idea to look into automating it.

Social Media Marketing

Isn’t it enough that you already spend a lot of money, time, and effort creating those creatives for your social media channels? Why do you need to also spend time on posting or choosing when to post? Well, automation can handle that for you, you just need to supply it with the creatives and it can pick the right times for you to post it, create reports for you and help you monitor everything effortlessly.

Automation will most importantly handle your audience engagements at scale. Since this is the most important part of SMM, automating this process will enable you to grow your SMM efforts without spending so much time replying to comments or messages, which means you’ll stay active on social media beyond your regular business hours.

PPC Optimization

From managing budgets to testing landing pages and ad creatives, automation can help you save time on optimizing your budgets without necessarily acquiring the skills. Getting the most out of your ad campaigns is important because if you’re not nailing them, then you’re losing your budget and the opportunities.

PCC automation tools will help you:

  • Scale your PPC efforts without spending more time
  • Effortlessly manage/automate your keyword bidding process
  • Pull reports from all your campaigns into one dashboard

All of these will help you focus on what’s important, which is increasing your ROAS. With the time you’ll have, it will definitely be an easier goal to achieve.

Wrapping Up

So now what you have to do is revise your marketing plan, jot down the tasks, set a budget, and start automating and scaling your business!

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