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What Makes a Good SaaS Headline (With Examples)

Written by
Saad Arafat
Published on
May 24, 2022

So you’ve been thinking for a while now about how to write your SaaS website's headline. I know the struggle. I face it almost every day. You have a website with 10s of pages, and each one of them needs a headline, and each headline should clearly communicate your value.

Off course, you’re thinking this much about how to write an effective headline because you want it to convert visitors into high-quality leads. But, if you have no idea about the best principles of how to write an effective headline, you could write the longest headline, and it would still be ineffective.

So, today’s questions are:

  1. How to write an effective headline?
  2. What does it take to create a high-converting headline?
  3. What you shouldn’t do with a headline?

So let’s start tackling these questions one by one.

How to write an effective headline?

To start it off, when writing headlines, you should know what you are trying to accomplish out of your page, copy, or section. Is your goal to push visitors to take immediate action after reading the headline and a few extra lines, or are you looking to capture their attention and increase their interest in order to read more of what you have on the page? Understanding the goal of the overall section or page is going to be the deciding tool on what you should do with your headline. Check out our article on amazing SaaS hero sections to get more examples of SaaS headlines.

So decide why you are writing these headlines. Here are some headline examples to help you make a better decision:

1. To show the value of your SaaS product

Using your headline to explain how your software works and its main value is one way many SaaS websites use to capture your audience's attention. A simple, straightforward headline that explains what you do is all you need to capture the attention of anyone who can actually benefit from it. Using simple terms that resonate well with your target audience is more than enough. For example, check the headline used by PIWIK. It explains directly what their software does. They even take it a step further and add in the sub-headline “The perfect alternative to Google Analytics”

PIWIK Hero Section

2. To show why they need your SaaS product

Another way of using the headline is to clearly show why they need your tool. This is another headline variation that captures your audience's attention by showing what they’ll get after signing up. For example, Bonsai clearly states in their headline that their software is what any freelancer needs to run their profession. Their sub-headline is also strategically used to provide extra context on how it will help them run their freelance work.

Bonsai Hero Section

3. To show the outcome of using your SaaS product

This method highlights clearly how your tool will help your customers either save time and money, or make money. This method is really effective if you provide a tool that works in the background without the need the user’s active input.

ProfitWell Hero Section

So what does it take to write such a headline that’s focused on converting readers into highly qualified leads? This is discussed in the next section.

What does it take to create a high-converting headline?

Before giving you a list that you need to follow in order to write your next headline, I’ll tell you this “You need to test your headline. The first one might not work for you and most probably will not. So keep testing until you get it right, and even then keep testing more.”

So here are 2 things you need to respect in order to have an effective SaaS headline:

1. Get straight to the point

If it doesn’t add value to the audience, then remove it. This process is called improvement by elimination. Just focus on getting the point across in little words as possible.

2. Use simple language

It doesn’t matter if your niche is super complicated, spend some time coming up with simple words that get the point across with no jargon, or worst case just one word. It’s a headline, not a paragraph. Leave the jargon and the big words to the rest of the page.

These two things are the basics when writing any type of marketing page headline. However, there are not to-dos that you should also follow for best principles.

What you shouldn’t do in a headline?

1. No more than 1 - 2 phrases

It’s a page headline, it should capture attention and keep the audience's interest high to continue reading or taking action. Think this “They should read as little as possible and get as much as possible.”

2. No jargon

This goes back to using simple language. Avoid jargon. You never know who was commissioned to decide whether your software is a good fit or not. So make it easy for your audience to understand your offer.

3. Don’t be vague

Say one thing and one thing only. Don’t try to be general in the hopes that they understand what you mean by it. Be precise in what you are offering.

With this, you can get started on either upgrading your headline, or writing a new one from scratch. Remember, KEEP TESTING IT OUT 😃

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